watching a new tv show after hearing about it on tumblr and then getting addicted to it


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have you ever known somebody so shitty they completely ruin that first name for you?


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Sunrise in Gulf Shores, AL

gulf shores coming atcha


Gulf Shores ♦ Alabama, USA | by Jim McKinley

aye coming your way



What has been the wildest fan experience you’ve had so far? I had quite a good one recently. I had to have a root canal done and I was in the chair, and I’m really scared of dentists, and I was there and they put the bleach in to clean the roots of my teeth. I had a clamp in my jaw and those plastic curtain things in my mouth. (x)    

She’s fucking adorable

Man, Emmy for makeup has to go to the GOT staff, for somehow making her look frumpy.

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